Ludmila Remorenko

Board Member

Brief info

Ludmila Remorenko is a member of the Board Team of the Church of the Mighty Savior.

God delivered her from long-term depression, and filled her with joy, peace, and set to serve Him.

The church has become a place for her recovery, opening her mission given by God, and the purpose of her life today is to be a witness of what God has done in her life to other people.

Ludmila’s messages and sermons are filled with revelations of God's Word and are a blessing to many.

Understanding the role and responsibility before God for the state of His home, Ludmila put all her efforts in building up the Church of the Mighty Savior as the house of God.

She supports the vision of the church, developing and releasing all the talents
She is a loyal assistant of pastors Oleksandr and Iryna Mykhaylyk, in the implementation of the vision of the church.

She is an assistant of the pastor Iryna in the Worship Team.

Ludmila is also director of the Kids & Us Center, which is part of the vision of the Church as a service to children, adolescents and their parents.