Oleksandr Mykhaylyk

Senior Pastor

Brief info

Pastor Oleksandr Mykhaylyk graduated from Bible Institute "Emmanuel": Established by Christian Broadcasting Network CBN, International Association of missionary service and Regent University, Virginia, USA.

Awarded the title: Honorary Doctor of Theology (Latin University of Theology, California, United States).

The purpose of his life and service is to consider distributed truth of salvation through the acceptance of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The gift of teaching has been given to him by the Lord, expressing the desire to convey the importance of the Word of God in the lives of people, confirmed by inspiring messages of faith and the fundamental teachings of the pastor.

As a missionary in India (2002 -2005 years), Pastor Oleksandr understands the importance of training, equipment and support of pastors, missionaries, ministers. He has a dream to create a center that will work to help pastors, missionaries and ministers to minister, to share experiences, support each other, as our Lord wants.