Kids & Us Center

Kids and Us Center is a nonprofit organization focused on serving children, teenagers and families in the Philadelphia region and beyond.

Founded by a group of volunteers, its mission is to help families and communities raise healthy, successful children. We achieve our mission by providing counseling, educational, social and recreational programs for young people, with scholarships available for those that need them. We serve different families, including single parents and families with a low income. And all of this is about bringing truth about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ into the people’s life, special children’s life.

The Kids and Us organization runs various programs to facilitate:

  • reading, logical thinking, creative expression
  • social and emotional development
  • physical growth and health
  • identifying and realizing talents
  • positive discipline and behavior
  • exposure to various languages and cultures
  • ​musical education

Contact Us: 215-900-4539; 215-260-6291;